JFK musuem

Historical Restorations – JFK Museum Dallas, Texas

John F. Kennedy Museum Dallas, Texas   Terrill Manufacturing Co. Inc. worked with the National Historical Society & General Contractor to open JFK Museum on President’s Day 1989.   Constructed in 1901, the red brick building on the corner of Houston and Elm streets was known as the Texas School Book Depository at the time of the assassination of President John F. Kennedy. The private […]

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Terrill Mfg. Co. Joins “SEFA” Lab Furniture

Terrill Manufacturing Co., Inc. is now a member of the Scientific Equipment & Furniture Association. SEFA represents designers and manufacturers of state-of-the art laboratories, laboratory furniture, tops, fittings, fixtures, fume hoods and related equipment. The Scientific Equipment and Furniture Association “SEFA” was formed in 1988 to provide leadership in promoting quality and SAFETY in the design, manufacture and utilization of […]

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