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Who Is AWI

 AWI is a national trade organization exclusively dedicated to architectural woodworkers.
AWI brings companies together with other woodworking professionals, architects, interior designers, specifiers, educators and suppliers to offer a winning combination of technical expertise and knowledge. Since 1953, THE ARCHITECTURAL WOODWORK INSTITUTE (AWI) has helped thousands of architectural woodwork professionals grow their businesses and take their careers to the next level. With more than 2,800 members in North America.
AWI today is recognized as the premier source for networking, education and industry knowledge. Industry growth and awareness means business growth for you. That’s why AWI promotes the value of architectural woodwork and educates the industry on the highest quality standards. Quality workmanship requires the highest level of skills and knowledge.
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About Texas AWI

The Texas Chapter of the Architectural Woodwork Institute (TAWI) is a non-profit organization partnering with AWI in being the authoritative resource for the advancement of architectural woodwork.
Mission Statement we strive :
•To promote the use of architectural woodwork by reaching and informing customers, design professionals, and the woodworking community with programs of value.
•To promote quality standards and certification program as developed by AWI National.
•To promote education through seminars, workshops, publications and networking.
•To promote the value of AWI national membership and their resources in the woodworking community.

Terrill Mfg. Co. supports AWI

Terrill Mfg. Co. has been a member of AWI since 1954 and is a Quality Certified Facility.  Leadership from Terrill has been involved with support and advancement of AWI for six decades which includes both national and state levels.  This year the National AWI Convention will be held in San Antonio, Texas of which TAWI and TMC will play an integral part in the success of the event.   The level of quality standards and workmanship gained from the association of AWI keeps Terrill Manufacturing in the forefront of casework and architectural millwork manufacturing.  TMC will continue to use this high level of expertise to provide value driven service to our customers.

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