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Want a brilliant startup idea? Go on vacation!

When Kevin Systrom got the idea of ​​Instagram, he walked along the beach in Baja California, Mexico, and did not look at the screen. This is a common topic, according to a study recently published.

According to a survey among thousands of small business owners (who have been successful for five years) in the UK by Sandler Training, one of five startup ideas comes to entrepreneurs on vacation.

Today’s established practice means that people do more than think, so this is not surprising, according to Brian Mattimore, author of Idea Stormers: How to Lead and Inspire Creative Breakthroughs (Storming ideas: how to be a leader and inspire for creative breakthroughs). One client recently told him that he “has no more time to be curious,” Brian shared.

“Vacation is one of the few periods, especially if you have a full-time position, when you can carefully reflect on the topic and create something new,” he said.

Want a brilliant startup idea? Go on vacation!
Do not forget to bring a notebook. (Photo by Luke, Ma)

Being able to read books continuously, try different foods, and watch other cultures can help spark your imagination.

“Because many things are new on vacation, it naturally encourages people to overcome their usual perceptions (they notice the novelty around them), which can be great food for new ideas,” said Mattimore.

“It seems to me that a state of relaxation helps the creative process,” he added.

“However, the most important thing in this theory is that ideas arise when someone frees the mind to allow thoughts to wander – this often does not happen in everyday life,” said Jessica Livingston, founding partner of Y Combinator, the most famous incubator Silicon Valley, which, to date, has invested in 630 startups, including Airbnb, Dropbox, Reddit, and Instacart.

But how can you really turn your creative idea into reality?

Start small and check it out, as Livingston said. “You don’t need to become an absolute supporter, you don’t need to start a startup and you don’t have to do a business plan just to see if it works.”

“Many of the people we interviewed have this wonderful solution – we call it a solution in search of a problem – it sounds like a really cool application, but in reality no one wants to use it at all,” she said.

“When you have an idea, you should talk to potential users.” It is very important to see how people interact with him and find out if this is a service for which they could pay. The biggest reason for the failure is people building something that works, but is not used, or users look at it once, and then never return to it, as Livingston said.

If your idea is very technically complex, then you should build it to see that it really works, according to Livingston.

Drew Houston traveled when he came up with the idea for Dropbox, and as a programmer, he blundered over it and created the first version, which, although it was much simpler than Dropbox today, actually worked.

But if you are not a techie, this does not necessarily mean that nothing is shining for you. Livingston said that approximately five percent of their founders are not IT specialists, but they have a narrow specialty in the industry. Nevertheless, this path is much more complicated.

“We finance the founders without technical education, but they have ten times more problems with their startup, because they don’t have someone who would work with them and was very versed in software, user interfaces, and if you outsource it, it doesn’t work, ”she said.

If inspiration illuminates you while traveling, it would be wise to keep track of your expenses. A British study also found that small business owners need to borrow money to finance their startups and spend an average of £ 3,511 ($ 5,980) with loans and credit cards so they can support themselves before they get paid in their business .

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