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What is the price of one fifty dollars of 1924?

Perhaps the most used coin of the Soviet period was the silver fifty kopeck of 1924. A fifty kopeck piece of silver was minted in weight of 9 g. Silver was used for minting exclusively of the highest standard.

The coin turnover image contained a worker with a hammer. On the front side of the coin was decorated with the coat of arms of the Union of Soviet Socialist Republics, the face value of the coin with the slogan of that time “Workers of all countries, unite!” Is indicated in words. The coin went into use in the Soviet 1924-1927gg.

What is the price of one fifty dollars of 1924?

The price of one fifty fifty dollars of 1924 today is the price of silver contained in the coin, and this at best will amount to a couple of tens of hundreds of rubles. And there are specimens whose price totals thousands of rubles.

An image of a blacksmith smith is printed on fifty dollars, which was extremely symbolic at that time. Although fifty dollars at first glance had one look, today there are more than 20 kinds of differences in its image. Such differences set the price among collectors. Features and differences should be sought on the images of the stamp and on the inscription inscription.

Fifty dollars of 1924 were issued in two series with engraving on the edge of P.L. and T.R., depending on the geography of coinage. Party P.L. minted the Leningrad Mint. This fifty dollars got its name by Peter Latyshev – a specialist in the production of coins. Coins with the symbol T.R. were issued in the English city of Birmingham under the supervision of Coin Manager Thomas Ross.

However, the price of one fifty dollars of 1924 from the geography of its coinage did not change. Of particular interest are rare species of fifty dollars of this period, which do not differ from ordinary specimens for a person not related to numismatics. But real collectors will be interested immediately.

Rare series of fifty dollars

To the T.R series, at least 2 types of coins can be attributed, which are of great value to collectors and have a high price in antique markets:
1. The first significant difference is the absence of a dividing point between T and P, while in the serial standard version, the point is present.

2. The second variant of the difference is that T. P. is written with a dot, similar to the standard version, but with a different font style.

3. The third visible difference is a convex globe with a clear outline and shortened sun rays.

As for the party P.L., in rare copies of this series the following details are interesting:

1. Engraving on the edge of a fifty kopecks (hert). When the edge of your fifty dollars is decorated with an inscription using the Old Russian script, then when you have the pleasure to consider a rare copy of fifty dollars. The same thing when absolutely nothing is written on the edge.

2. A fifty-cent silver coin is also valuable if, in the slogan minted on its front side, the comma between the words “countries” and “connect” does not touch the inner edge of the rim.

3. Another distinguishing specimen is fifty dollars, on which the image of the worker is smaller, while the hammer handle is much larger.

4. In addition, there is an excellent image of the folds of the apron of the worker and the outline of his head. Such differences are called “thin worker.”

Expensive copies of fifty dollars

Presented silver items are sold much more expensive than standard coinage. For example, at one of the auctions, one of the rare copies was sold for eight thousand rubles.
The record value recorded to date was given for a fifty-fifty coin of 1924. in the fall of 2007.

The Coins and Medals company, which organized a specialized numismatic auction, made a sale deal with a rare copy under the hammer at an astronomical price of more than fifty thousand US dollars.

This fifty dollars presented the rarest instance of an experimental batch ordered by the Soviet government in England with a special distinction. The difference in the initials indicated on the edge of the coin, different from the standard T.R., here appeared – “F.R.” There was a change of initials, because in ancient times the name of Thomas Ross in Russian sounded like Thomas Ross, as a result of which the letters on the coinage changed.

The surviving number of silver fifty dollars with this designation from the trial batch has not been established today. But there is an opinion that today there are only 5 copies of these coins in private collections of numismatists. According to unverified information, all coins in the 30s of the XX century were removed from the Union, and for the first time in literature, numismatists began to mention them only in the 50s.

Thus, it can be assumed that with the confirmation of such information, the value of coins will become much more than a record and may gain price over the years.

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