Business options with minimal investment
The owners of many now large companies argue that proper marketing in the early stages of a business’s existence is very important. Young companies need to stand out in addition…

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A selection of business ideas for women who sit at home.
Many women all over the world tend to spend as much time as possible at home with children, but at the same time feel solvent and have achieved something professionally.…

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Business options with minimal investment
The owners of many now large companies argue that proper marketing in the early stages of a business’s existence is very important. Young companies need to stand out in addition…

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Instruction: how to find a small company for your customers

Produce consumer goods (or better known among the people “consumer goods”), want to enter the market, but do not know what to do?

Then read our article and draw conclusions.

Each consumer goods producer has four ways to enter the market and find their customers: an online store, own offline stores, network marketing and a network of retailers in the consumer goods segment (FMCG). Of the proposed options, the most interesting for the manufacturer is the option of accessing a network of retailers, this will ensure both large sales volumes and profit corresponding to the sales volumes.

Instruction: How to find a small company for your small company.

The peculiarity of entering the market is that, most likely, it will not work to work in this direction without intermediaries. The intermediary will be a wholesale distributor who has been working with retail for a long time and can provide sales both in large chains of stores and in small scattered retail outlets.

Naturally, the larger the “rank” the intermediary will be, the more the number of connections he will be able to provide. But how to get to the “big fish”, how to interest and keep it?

Point one. Representation.

Remember the old adage “Meet by clothes, and …”, you can forget about the second part. Nobody will not only escort you “wisely”, and they will not even be allowed to introduce themselves if the “clothes” do not correspond.
Therefore, abstract yourself from your brainchild, look at the product with the fresh look of an intermediary. Who you are? What are you like?

Answer: “Nobody” is the most accurate until you prove the opposite. How to show the “big fish” that your product is exactly what no person in this country, and better than the continent, will be able to live and exist normally as soon as it finds out about your product.

You cannot say so with 200% certainty, then choose a different path. Stand out from the crowd of other offers that the intermediary receives in huge quantities weekly.

Give your partner clear and specific data: who you are, what you offer, whom you offer, where you offer. The answers to these questions should be thought out and worked out for a specific intermediary.

For example, you dream of selling Energon mint tonic sweets.

Energon – tonic sweets for drivers. (In this place it is better not to spray and not to name two hundred and twenty options, who will still be interested in your mint sweets), the goal is that sweets help fight fatigue and tone up. The product line under the Energon trademark is adapted for all retail formats, the price is calculated above the consumer’s purchasing power above average.

Instruction: How to find a small company for your small company.

Point two. Minimization of risks.

Forget about the fact that in your product you have already tried to assess the potential for sales growth and profit growth. A major intermediary will not take up a new product and even more so will not want to invest money in it just like that. New product = new risks. First, tell your intermediary how you plan to minimize ITS risks, and then move on to general questions. To get started, you can offer the intermediary:

1. purchase products for only one month;
2. take products with a deferred payment for several months;
3. purchase products with the possibility of returning goods.

It turns out that with these options for starting work, the intermediary does not invest anything in your product, which means that it does not lose its funds.

Next, you need to think about what to do so that the goods do not lie this month in the warehouse at the intermediary, but get on the shelves of large and small stores. Here motivational programs for sales managers work great. You sell more Energon sweets – you get a big bonus.

Point Three. Look for a place, gentlemen.

If you have worked through the first two points, then you are ready to look for your partner. It’s time to go looking.

Where to look for partners? What will be needed for searches?

1. Walk around your friends and acquaintances.
2. Pay attention to specialized exhibitions
3. Draw profile Internet resources
4. Ask your customers.

The first method is good in that there is an opportunity to accidentally (!) Go out to the person who makes the decisions. Therefore, you will not convey the essence of your idea to the 25th Assistant to the Most Important Person in the office, but directly to this Person.
The method with exhibitions allows you to get a large number of connections without spending time and money. Get a calendar in which all specialized exhibitions will be marked, and browse the lists of participants. As soon as you find the company you are interested in, feel free to sign up for this exhibition and take along a lot of business cards, samples and brochures.

In the age of modern technology, when most respected businessmen have their own page on Twitter or LinkedIn, be prepared to read a lot of information, be prepared to learn the latest news and adapt to them.

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