How to start an online business?
Doing business on the Internet is very popular. And this is no coincidence. Due to accessibility (the absence of serious costs or the need for small investments), minimal risk, anyone…

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How to survive seasonal business downturns
Many business areas change supply and demand several times during the year. The seasonality of this phenomenon depends on many factors: customer habits, seasonality of the product itself, weather conditions…

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Home Business Technologies
If you are just thinking about becoming an entrepreneur, but you have absolutely no experience, open a home-based business. This kind of entrepreneurship is ideal for the first attempt to…

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Advertising your business – how to do it right

Advertising is the art of offering goods or services to consumers so that the advertised product is in demand.

The secret of advertising is to recognize the needs of potential buyers and offer them a product that meets this very need. It is important to understand what the consumer wants, and to offer him exactly what he wants, and not what you want to offer.

You can’t hope that your product will find its buyer. Without advertising, you cannot even sell a product of the highest quality, because without advertising the client will not know that he needs this product and for what. That is, roughly speaking, the buyer needs to be pushed, brought to the purchase and told him that this thing is simply vital to him.

Buyers are essentially passive, they won’t be looking for someone to donate their money to, but if the client is sure that the purchased product is worth more than just money, then the ad has hit the mark. You can come up with other options for advertising that will be very interesting to the consumer. For example, you can come up with shields that cleanse the air.

The purpose of advertising is to make a profit. But many entrepreneurs spend money on bringing shine and chic in the office, on cutting-edge expensive equipment – in general, on the image, which is a secondary attribute. It would be much more effective to invest the money spent in advertising, because it is it, and not a luxurious office, that leads customers to you.

Principles of Advertising

1. The buyer must be sure that he is buying something outstanding, superior in functionality to the same product of another seller. Even if this superiority is based on abstraction, it is important to sell a particular product.

2. Do not hesitate to stipulate even obvious characteristics in advertising. Announce: “For your convenience, we are open until 20-00,” even if the neighboring store is also open until 20-00, you have been informed about this, and the client now knows the operating mode of your store, but not about the competitors’ store.

3. A person agrees to pay for two things: solving a problem and having fun. Therefore, explain to the buyer exactly how the product being sold will make his life easier.

4. Your advertising should distinguish you from competitors. That is, if you replace the name of your company with a competitor, what will change? If nothing, then this ad will not work.

5. Be honest. Make your advertising in such a way that, first of all, you yourself believe in it, and you are the first to want to purchase the offered products.

6. Do not overestimate consumer expectations. If the product is expensive, do not talk about its cheapness. Better indicate that the product is worth the money. If your promises turn out to be more attractive than the real properties of the product, then the buyer will remember you as a deceiver, tell your friends about it, and it turns out that you spent the energy and money to create anti-advertising for yourself.

7. Advertising should be curious! Declare: “You have to at least allow yourself this at least once in your life!” Each customer must ask himself what is so special about the box and how it works? And what is so special about this product that I have to “afford” it?

8. Prerequisite: no matter how the goods have been issued, they must be of high quality. Then satisfied customers themselves will bring you their friends. Oral advertising (as well as anti-advertising) works exponentially.

The sweetest and most attractive word for the buyer is “free.” But if you promise something free, then it should be FREE. If you promise something at half price and only after the customer has to buy goods for a thousand rubles, then there will be nothing free. The buyer will be disappointed, offended at their best expectations and will launch oral anti-advertising.

Promotional Tricks

Advertising your product should constantly catch the eye of potential buyers. It would be better if they were small ads, but often and systematically, than one big one as a one-time promotion.

1. Discounts are also advertising. It is important to specify specific numbers (15% for all goods, 500 rubles for every 5 thousand purchases), so that the buyer knows in advance what benefit he will receive if he goes for this product to you, and not to competitors.

2. Sales. Should be timed to certain events: changing the collection of dresses, New Year, March 8 – the buyer should not think that the goods are simply stale, and they are selling it, if only to sell it. Another important point: sales should last a very limited amount of time, otherwise, why would the buyer rush to you if the same discounts apply in a year?

3. “Hand over the old equipment and get a discount on the purchase of a new one!” In fact, this is just a hidden period of discounts, and the old goods brought by customers are immediately discarded. For all goods for a certain period (a week, for example), a 10% discount is set, but the buyer is sure that this discount is provided because he brought his old TV, which he paid for (wow!) As much as 10% of the cost of a new one!

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