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The choice of equipment for catering – do not spend too much, we get the right

The restaurant business has attracted novice entrepreneurs for more than a decade. It’s not about high profits and quick paybacks. Interest lies in the non-material plane.

His institution is a way of self-expression, the ability to create an “ideal model”, gain a reputation as a gourmet and restaurateur. People have always loved those who can tasty feed.

But not so positive figures go further. Independent research claims that 80% of restaurants close in their first year. Even if this assessment is too tight, the risks in the catering should not be underestimated. In Europe, almost half of the restaurants do not survive a two-year start-up period, and the business itself takes fourth place in bankruptcies (Dun & Bradstreet data).
In this article, we will not analyze the causes of failure – to draw conclusions without concrete data is imprudent. Let us concentrate on another task – we will select restaurant equipment to start in such a way as to increase the chances of the institution exchanging a third year.

About the choice of equipment for restaurants written megabytes of information. Basically, “tips” come down to identifying the types of equipment, listing models and calls for “choosing a reliable supplier.”
We will identify several specific priorities that are effective regardless of the format of the institution.
Menu elaboration

There is no “standard” set of equipment for restaurants, do not believe it. Effectively investing in equipment is possible only with a clear list of dishes that you are going to cook on it. Sit down next to the Chef (if one is hired) or on your own – theoretical work remains. Form the core of the institution’s menu with the costs of ingredients, consumables, energy and personnel.
Such planning gives a clear understanding of which equipment will really pay off and which will collect dust. It is possible that at this stage you decide to completely abandon the full technological zone. Work with semi-finished products of high degree of readiness is often more profitable.

From the menu to the equipment, not vice versa. All talk of “functionality and new features” will lead to inadequate costs.

Professional models

Savings for beginning entrepreneurs sometimes go beyond all reasonable limits. So in the restaurant’s kitchen there are hand-operated mixers, household refrigerators and multicookers inherited. Establishing a gastronomic business in this way is like fighting for the Monaco Grand Prix on a two-wheeler.
Specialized equipment is more expensive than household equipment not because of the whims of manufacturers.
Professional models withstand prolonged and peak loads, because they are designed specifically for them. The development and assembly of equipment for restaurants is a global industry. The technologies and materials used here are not far behind the space industry. So you will not be left without a stove or slicer during the influx of visitors.

Order technological and engineering projects

To find a good room in the center, inexpensive, and even with parking – good luck for a restaurateur. But this is not all the criteria necessary for a food establishment.
A professional technology zone requires powerful energy sources. A single electric stove “eats” 24,000 kWh per year. Moreover, many models of electrical equipment operate on a voltage of 380 V, and not on the usual 220 V sockets. There are problems with gas equipment – is there enough pressure in the pipe?

It’s worth looking not only at the facade of the building, but also at its technical characteristics. If you have decided on the technology in the previous two stages – you can calculate the necessary communications power.

But this is only the beginning.

Restaurant business is among the favorite “customers” of Rospotrebnadzor and Rospozhnadzor. The requirements for the kitchen and dining room can not be called “draconian”, but their non-compliance threatens with fines and closure.
Both of these problems are solved by hiring engineers from HoReCa. These services are provided by certified SRO members. Engineering and technological projects will allow evaluating existing communications (or laying new ones), bringing the technological and guest areas in line with Russian legislation.

Additional bonuses – design organizes an ergonomic space. This optimizes the work of staff.


Here we will talk about small tricks unknown to the “experts” from the outside.
See used offers

Do not skepticism. The largest equipment suppliers regularly sell models with “not perfect” presentation. Moreover, discounts are quite serious. Does a scratch on the glass of a convection oven matter to you, if the equipment works properly and costs ten thousand cheaper?
Even the equipment that was really in use will last for years without a glitch. It was designed for this, remember?
Buy in the process

From the opening of the restaurant to the formation of a pool of regular customers (that is, to a stable and predictable workload), it takes from three months to six months.

The choice of equipment for catering - do not spend too much, we get the right
The restaurant business has attracted novice entrepreneurs for more than a decade. It's not about high profits and quick paybacks. Interest lies in the non-material plane. His institution is a…


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