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Small business from scratch

Starting your own business is the dream of a huge number of people with a creative character, but to some extent, disappointed in self-employment.

Some want a freer schedule and absolute independence from the boss, while others need the opportunity to create some new and unique product that can bring huge income in the future. Absolutely any business, even that which today is a large network, starts from scratch, with a small idea.

Small business from scratch

Several of these ideas for starting a small business from scratch are presented below.

Business: Pizza Delivery

Pizza delivery is a type of service that is steadily gaining popularity among the lazy residents of our country.
To organize everything, you only need a room, which you can just rent, buy an oven and invest a little in advertising.

As a result, from one order you will have about 100 rubles, and maybe more. As part of such a project, one can also consider the delivery of meals to offices. Quite often, such small projects develop into a real restaurant business.

So why not start with a banal delivery, and then become the owner of an Italian restaurant?

Advertising Publishing

Considering this option of small business, an important aspect will be the knowledge of the media business and the ability to convince.
At first it will be quite difficult, because each client will have to prove why they should choose your company, although it is also small and almost unknown.

To start work you need a small room for an office, computers and a couple of advertising agents. In addition, a layout designer will be very needed.

The main thing in this business will be the launch of its own advertising newspaper or magazine, which contains a maximum of advertising. You will have to promote your magazine too, because the more popular the publication, the more expensive the advertising space on its pages and, accordingly, your income.

Coffee machine

It’s worth really thinking about a startup. It may be a loan or a franchise, since the purchase of one coffee machine will cost you several thousand dollars.
But then everything will be a little easier, because the lease agreement will need to be concluded only for 1 square meter of the area of ​​the store, shopping center or cinema.

If you find the right place with a lot of traffic, a loan to buy the device can be given quickly enough, because the payback takes only a few months. Accordingly, if you buy not one, but several such coffee machines, then the profit will be much greater.

However, when drawing up a business plan, it is worth considering the seasonality of such a machine and the frequency of maintenance and purchase of the necessary ingredients. Another option is to open a small kiosk selling coffee, in which a coffee machine can also be located. So you don’t have to pay for the rent, and gourmets will succeed.


Today, not only most men have their own car, but a huge number of women. It is worth considering that the presence of a personal car is a great reason to do business.

By the way, organizational skills will not be superfluous here either. You can team up with other drivers or taxi services that are not in high demand and, “having developed”, promote the common cause with the help of various advertising.

And you can revise the pricing policy or come up with some new, unique type of service that other carriers do not have. For example: soft pillows in the cabin, a free newspaper as a gift or just opening the door for each passenger when getting in and out of the car, and most importantly, which is practically absent today – these are children’s taxis.

Such a car will be equipped with means for transporting children of any age. Parents are always worried about their child, so this type of service will definitely be in demand. Such little things can increase the number of customers at times and “outperform” competitors.

Travel agency

This type of business is very popular because it requires a minimum of investment. All that is needed is a small office in the “passage” place, a couple of computers and some advertising. However, it only seems.
In order to properly organize activities and own all the nuances of this type of business, it is better to visit at least a few countries, get acquainted with the culture and understand where it is better to accommodate for passive relaxation, where there is something to see, and which resort can be suitable for families with children .

By the way, this type of small business is very good at franchising with well-known brands. This will allow you to get involved in the work of a fairly large network of tourist services and receive from 5 to 10% from each sale.


Today, individual learning is becoming increasingly relevant. Preparing for the exam or just school exams is a rather complicated and time-consuming process. And, if such a process concerns foreign languages, for example, then getting the necessary knowledge becomes even more difficult.

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