Tarrant County Courthouse Full E Fort Worth Texas

Historical Restoration – Tarrant County Courthouse

Historic Architecture in Fort Worth, Texas

Terrill Manufacturing Co., Inc. helps bring grandeur back to historic site.


This is one of the architectural masterpieces of Fort Worth, Texas. It serves as the terminus of Main Street and it sits high on the bluff of the Trinity River. It was designed by Gunn and Curtiss Architects of Kansas City and it is a striking example of American Beaux Arts Design. Probst & Co. from Chicago was the General Contractor.  It was modeled after the Texas Capitol Building in Austin and uses pink granite. It was one of the first structural steel framed buildings built in the Southwestern United States. The courthouse is 194 feet in height. Over the years, many bad remodel jobs were done, including adding mezzanines, covering up the rotunda in the center, painting the copper dome, outlining the dome in neon, and adding the Civil Courts Building on the west side. The architect that restored the building in 1983 was Ward Bogard.

Terrill Manufacturing Co., Inc. was selected to work with the architect and contractor to help bring this Historic Site back to its original grandeur.  The custom architectural woodwork provided for this Texas Historical site is a shining star in the legacy of Terrill Manufacturing Co.  This masterpiece is so spectacular the building was used in the filming of the CBS television series Walker, Texas Ranger (April 1993-May 2001).


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